What We Know About Sker Ritual: A new merciless co-op shooter

Cosa sappiamo di Sker Ritual: un nuovo sparatutto co-op senza pietà thumbnail

Released by Wales Interactive, the new Sker Ritual trailer shows us the features of the new first person shooter. Players will be able to team up with up to 4 people in the co-op system to try to survive in this sequel to the award-winning horror Maid of Sker.

The new trailer for Sker Ritual

Prepare to face hordes of enemies with supernatural powers with upgradeable steam-punk weapons. You can decide whether to face the challenge alone or in multiplayer, co-op, up to four friends. In this case the hordes will adapt to the number of team members. Not just hordes though, the game features numerous elite bosses and enemies, who will do whatever it takes to tear you apart. Finally, players will be able to customize their characters with horror-themed masks.

Sker Ritual will arrive on PC this summer, via Steam. However, the developers have already promised a next-gen console release later this year.

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