Cosa c’è da sapere su Age and Education: il nuovo aggiornamento di Sphere - Flying Cities thumbnail

What you need to know about Age and Education: the new update of Sphere – Flying Cities

What you need to know about Age and Education: Sphere's new update - Flying Cities thumbnail

Flying Cities, the popular urban building and survival game published by Assemble Entertainment and developed by Hexagon Sphere Games, today welcomes a brand new Early Access update: Age and Education. The new content introduces the aging of the inhabitants of the city as well as a real education system for citizens.

The inhabitants age and study: all the news of the new update of Sphere – Flying Cities

The new life cycles add a realistic element to the sci-fi simulation, allowing individual citizens to age. These will then go through different stages of life, with the related health problems becoming more frequent in old age. The life cycle will in fact be divided into birth, aging and death.

In addition to suffering from ailments, however, from today the inhabitants will also be able to take part in educational programs. The study will provide them with the tools for greater mastery of the skills. Education will lead to the development of new skills through the new “Training Center”. Remember that having educated citizens means greater efficiency, better buildings and more.

Finally, Age and Education introduces a new energy management system as well as many new buildings including the training center. Among these we also find a nursery.

Sphere – Flying Cities is currently available in Early Access on Steam and GOG at a price of € 17.99 €.

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