What’s new for Google’s Pixel devices

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Google has announced a lot of new features with the “Pixel Feature Drop”, which brings many new features to Google devices. And also for the Pixel Watch, the company’s smartwatch.

Pixel, lots of new features coming to Google devices

On the official website, Google has announced several new features coming to the Pixe. From the ability to ask the Google Assistant on your Pixel by turn on sharing for emergencies or set up a security check for peace of mind. Just say, “Hey Google, run a security check for 30 minutes.” If you do not respond to the security check within the set time, emergency contacts will be alerted.

Car crash detection on Pixel now also gives you the ability to notify loved ones, as well as call for help.

Pixel 7 Pro now has the Macro Focus function for videos as wellwhile Pixel 6 and newer phones now allow you to take selfie photos by simply raising your palm to activate the timer after setting it for 3 or 10 seconds.

Then there are new cinematic wallpapers and emojis, the ability to transcribe recordings with speaker labels and control smart home devices from the lock screen. You can also create video clips with speaker labels and search recordings by speaker.

In addition, on the Pixel Watch there is the option to measure your oxygen saturation (SpO2) with the built-in sensor and see how the blood oxygen level varies during sleep. And then the heart rate 24/7. Also, the Google Assistant, now supports new languages ​​and regions, including Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish and Spanish.

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