WhatsApp adds new features to group calls

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In the last weeks WhatsApp has added quite a few functions to the group calls, so as to maximize the user experience. In fact, starting from now it will be possible mute the sound of the participants in the call, so as to silence people who forget to do so. And to avoid the echo of the voice in case you are in the room with one of the participants. A simple option, which we are sure will greatly improve the user experience. Whereas it is not the only novelty of the messaging service.

Group calls: WhatsApp adds the ability to change participants, and more

Lots of news for WhatsApp group calls. These days, in fact, the platform has added the possibility to mute the audio of the participants who do not want to hear. A completely new option for industry platforms, but undoubtedly functional. In this way WhatsApp offers users a greater level of controlespecially useful in video calls with up to 8 participants, or in voice calls in which up to 32 people are involved.

Beyond this function, now the WhatsApp App has also added the possibility of send messages to a specific contact during a group call. This could be particularly useful if you want to send someone a note during an ongoing meeting, or if you want to say something privately to someone you are more intimate with. And that’s not all. The app is also adding a notification that will notify users when a new one participant will join the call group.

But it’s not just group calls that are the focus of the platform. On Friday, WhatsApp announced the ability to choose which contacts can view your profile photo, status and even your last login. A useful novelty for all those users who do not want to be disturbed on the platform, and beyond. Finally, don’t forget that the platform has added an option for transfer chat history to iPhone from Android. In short, not just group calls. WhatsApp is really trying to optimize the user experience in its entirety.

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