WhatsApp enables in-app support

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Still new from the WhatsApp App. In these hours, in fact, the platform is adding a function that will allow users to receive support directly within a chat. The option had already been made available some time ago for some beta testers in March 2021, and then also enabled on WhatsApp beta for iOS. Then suddenly it was removed for unknown reasons. Now, however, there seem to be interesting news in this regard.

WhatsApp: App enables support within the chat

The WhatsApp App is returning to enable user support within the chat. An option that the platform had already released early last year, only to mysteriously abandon it. Soon, however, it will be possible to contact assistance using the same messaging service. Just go through the path “Settings”, “Help”, “Contact us” to start a chat directly with the application support. To allow you to be sure that you are interacting with an official account, the App marks its conversations with a verified green check mark.

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Our suggestion, therefore, is to verify that you are really interacting with an official account. On the other hand, scams on the WhatsApp App are commonplace, but the platform provides us with useful tools to avoid them. Once official support is contacted, some specific information will be shared with the application to understand what is wrong with your account. Among these, yours telephone number, the Network information and the version of the App used – whether iOS or Android -. In this way, it will be easier for professionals to understand how to help you and intervene to solve the problem. For the moment, this in-app assistance feature is available on the IOS beta, but will soon be available for the Android version as well.

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