WhatsApp introduces group voice chats: here’s how they work

WhatsApp introduce le chat vocali di gruppo: ecco come funzionano thumbnail

WhatsApp announced today the arrival of group voice chatsa new function that allows you to create virtual rooms where you can converse verbally with up to 128 participants.

This is a novelty that is inspired by services such as Discord e Telegram, which have long offered the ability to create live voice chats with multiple users. Let’s see specifically how they work.

How group voice chats work on WhatsApp

Group voice chats are designed to facilitate communication between members of a group, especially if the group is very large. In fact, you will be able to speak freely with other users, exchanging opinions, projects or thoughts, without having to write long messages or send voice notes. Furthermore, You will have the freedom to enter and exit voice chat at any timewithout having to answer a call or wait for someone to answer.

To create a group voice chat, this will suffice tap on the sound wave icon located at the top right of the group screen. This will open a virtual room where you can talk to other participants, who will receive a notification to join the conversation. Voice chat will also be visible in text chat, where you can continue writing. To close the voice chat, just tap on the red.

Voice chat will be automatically closed due to inactivity after 60 minutes (or when all users have logged out).

The feature will only be available on your primary WhatsApp device and not on connected ones such as tablets, computers or other smartphones. No WhatsApp Web so to speak.

Make sure you have updated the WhatsApp app to the latest version

Group voice chats will be gradually introduced on Android and iPhone over the next few days around the world. So make sure you update the app to the latest version.

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