WhatsApp is about to launch voice chat, Discord-style voice channels

WhatsApp sta per lanciare voice chat, dei canali vocali in stile Discord thumbnail

Among the new features that Meta is developing for WhatsAppalso come voice chatwhich will consist of Discord-style voice channels.

As reported by 9to5Mac (which cites WaBetaInfo as a source) The feature was seen in the Android app beta version But how exactly will it work? And when will it arrive for all users? Let’s try to clarify.

How will voice channels work on WhatsApp

Practically, just like Discord servers do, you can enter a voice channel at any time, where you can then talk to people who are online and who have chosen to participate in the discussion. So you won’t need to accept any invitations to join the channels. After the discussion, when everyone leaves the voice channel, it remains active for an hour. Subsequently it will be deactivated and will only become active again if it is reactivated. At that point, anyone can rejoin the voice chat and resume the discussion.

9to5Mac reports that the new feature is currently available for a limited number of users, so it should arrive for everyone in the coming months. Meanwhile, WhatsApp has already launched instant video messages, taking up an already very popular feature on Telegram.

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