WhatsApp is working on the transcription of voice messages

WhatsApp sta lavorando alla trascrizione dei messaggi vocali thumbnail

According to the latest rumors, WhatsApp would be hard at work to implement a transcription tool for voice messages in the iOS app. The “unwinding” of audio sent by friends and relatives would take place with the Apple services and not on Facebook and WhatsApp servers.

WhatsApp ready to transcribe voice messages

For some time there have been, especially in the Android world, some external applications designed for transcribe audio sent on WhatsApp. It is a matter of convenience for many users, who find it annoying to listen especially to longer vowels (and perhaps full of pauses and hesitations). But which becomes extremely useful in situations where carrying the phone to the ear or listening to voice messages with the speakerphone is impractical or inconvenient.

To overcome these problems without resorting to third-party apps, WhatsApp is working on a internal service for vocal transcription that have arrived there. The app analyzes the audio through i Apple transcription services, therefore without sending your conversations to the WhatsApp and Facebook servers. It can also be used by the Apple to improve the transcription and understanding of its artificial intelligence.

The first time you use this function you will need to grant access to speech recognition for WhatsApp. After that you will open a “Transcript” section of WhatsApp, which shows the text of when said next to a playlist with the time in seconds of the voice message. As soon as it’s transcribed, WhatsApp will save the content locally for it to appear also accessible at a later time, without repeating the procedure.

The feature looks very promising. At the moment, however, there is no information about the Android version of the transcription. The iOS version is currently still under development internally. But usually the company offers the same software innovations for both operating systems, so when the official transcription arrives, we will in all likelihood also be able to test it on Android.