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WhatsApp launches the native app for Windows

WhatsApp launched a new one native app for Windows, developed using native Windows resources to improve performance on the Microsoft operating system. So far only available in beta, it finally arrives officially.

WhatsApp launches the native app for Windows

In a post on its blog, WhatsApp announced the arrival of its native Windows solution, which will replace the ‘oldWhatsApp Desktop. So long as no longer uses Electron web-based technology, but instead takes advantage of Microsoft operating system technologieswe expect performance and stability improvements.

In addition, there are several new features compared to the predecessor. For example, you can send and receive messages even when your smartphone is offline. The interface is also cleaner and more consistent with the design of Windows 10 and Windows 11.

whatsapp app nativa windows

You can already download today WhatsApp per Windows dal Microsoft Store at this address, but only if you have Windows 10 or later.

WhatsApp is also working on the macOS app, for a similar update. Last month it launched the beta of an application built on the Catalyst technologywhich allows developers to easily bring an iOS app to macOS.

Again, instead of using the web takes advantage of native APIs of the system and ensures snappy performance and less waste of resources, as well as functionality when the smartphone is offline. You can try it here by signing up for TestFlight.

Finally, it looks like WhatsApp is thinking about a version for iPad, even if there is nothing official at the moment. The messaging app finally aims to work natively on every operating system, or almost.

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