WhatsApp: Multiple users can hide online status

WhatsApp: gli admin dei gruppi potranno cancellare qualsiasi messaggio thumbnail

The beta version of WhatsApp keep updating with several new features for users who have the opportunity to hide online status while using the service. With the new version of the beta of WhatsApp for Android, the, more users have the ability to hide their online status while using the application.

The ability to hide online status in WhatsApp is accessible to a greater number of users

To unlock this feature (available for now only to a limited number of users of the beta version of WhatsApp) you need to go to Account and then choose the option Privacy. Here you can access the new section Who can see when I’m online. Users can choose between two options: All or Identical to last login.

The development of the beta version of WhatsApp continues. Users with an Android device can subscribe to the program directly from the Google Play Store, in the section dedicated to the WhatsApp app. Furthermore, over the next few weeks, the latest news of the app beta should also arrive for the stable version.

WhatsApp continues to be a open construction site with lots of news coming for users. In the latter period, the application is focusing on privacy and the possibility of giving users precise tools to manage their data and their online presence.