How to disable Dynamic Island on new iPhones

iPhone 14 Pro rivoluziona il notch con Dynamic Island thumbnail

Among the novelties of iPhone 14 Pro e 14 Pro Maxthe most obvious and discussed without a doubt is Dynamic Island. The pill-shaped cut-out of the new Apple smartphones comes to life to show notifications and to better manage multitasking. But not everyone likes it. Self you want to deactivate the Dynamic Islandwe have bad news: you cannot do it definitively. However, if you settle for a solution temporaryit is really easy to apply.

How to disable Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max

Apple has designed the Dynamic Island not only to show notifications but also for ‘hide’ the camera components of selfies and Face ID. So it has no intention of making sure you can remove it completely: it is part of the interface for these smartphones.

It is not an app that you can uninstall. It’s not even a setting that you can disable by navigating the iPhone menus. So whenever you are listening to a song in Apple Music and minimize the app, will land on Dynamic Island. And the same goes for the stopwatches in the Clock app. Just like every time you connect a pair of AirPods to your phone, the notification will come to Dynamic Island.

But you can delete the persistent widget quite simply.

Simple but temporary solution

The solution is pretty simple: when Apple Music or another app lands on Apple’s dynamic island, swipe left or right. This will silence the app until next time that you will open it, no longer showing it on Dynamic Island.

Do it however it does not disable the app in the background. Then musical playback will continue smoothly, as it does for all other iPhones. So you will simply have gotten rid of the Dynamic Island.

However, it should be noted that this swipe completely removes the app in this from the Dynamic Islandso you will not be able to use it to return to the open app using multitasking.

This operation will allow you to disable apps in Dynamic Island, making this functionality “mute”. Which you cannot deactivate for real: you will have to do it every time you reopen the apps in question.

But if you really don’t like the “happy island” that Apple has created for its new iPhones, it seems like an easy compromise to reach (but also easy to miss if you don’t know). Although knowing that there are already gods developers who brought Dynamic Island to Android, you could convince yourself to give this one a second chance.

Ah, and you know you can too play Pong with it?