WhatsApp: near the direct transfer of chats from Android to iOS and vice versa

MobileTrans: come trasferire WhatsApp da Android a iOS e viceversa

WhatsApp is preparing to change its appearance by introducing many new features. These include the ability to transfer chats from Android to iOS and vice versa

I bet we have all had to deal with the migration of chats and data at least once WhatsApp from one device to another. As long as the migration remained between two Android (or iOS) devices the matter was anyway very easy. The backup automatic its Google Drive activated from the settings, by going to Chat> Chat Backup> Google Drive Settings.

The backup that was saved and loaded on the drive was protected with cryptography and a key was stored within the user’s device. THE problems they came out when switching from one Android device to one iOS (or viceversa). In this case indeed there are currently no official procedures to transfer data. Not only that, because WhatsApp itself has always fought with all its weaponsuse of third-party applications who offered support for this purpose.

WhatsApp: near the direct transfer of chats from Android to iOS and vice versa

Technicians at work for a solution

However, the age of despair seems to be seeing a conclusion. Recent news in fact make it known that WhatsApp technicians are at work to add this important piece and finally allow a simple data transfer between Android and iOS. It is not only this, in fact at the same time it will be possible tocontextual use of multiple devices using the same phone number for login. Hopefully, a official procedure for cross-platform data migration.

Looking at the very first screenshots filtered by WhatsApp offices, however, it would seem that the procedure does not take place automatically. Not bad, our hope is that in any case there will be a procedure (albeit manual) for the safe and risk-free migration of data. What do you think of this possible new feature? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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