How to quickly improve my photos to attract more likes on Instagram?

How to quickly improve my photos to attract more likes on Instagram?

We all know that photos taken by a regular camera on a mobile device aren’t good enough to attract new followers. Let’s find out how to improve them

Normal photos are just like a room with no decorations, which means they’re boring to look at. In this article we will tell you how to create amazing instagram photos using third party software.

Why do we need third party software to improve ours photo?

We said that photos taken from a mobile device are boring, and to make them jaw-dropping and captivating for our viewers, we enhance them using third-party software. We need this software to add interesting effects to our photos and customize the tone, colors and saturation of the images.

You can edit, modify, personalize and enhance your photos with the help of third party software.

Let’s find out about Photo Effects

It is a great software to enhance your photos. You can edit, edit, enhance, tune and personalize photos using Vortex Share. Plus, it features more than 20 photo effects that really draw the viewer’s eyes. The benefits of using Photo Effects (simple and easy to use for beginners) are many.

By enhancing and adding photo effects to your images, you can attract more Instagram views, likes and followers for your page. This app benefits those who are interested in photography and have different platforms on which they share images.

How to use Photo Effects to enhance my photos?

Vortex Share is simple to use software that even beginners can use. It has options to adjust the tone, saturation, contrast, sharpness, brightness of a photo and add photo effects and even vignette.

Furthermore these options are very easily accessible from a panel found on the left side of the screen. The smooth interface of the software allows the user to easily enhance their photos. The photo effect filter used in this software is popular, trendy and captivating for viewers from different social media platforms.

How to quickly improve my photos to attract more likes on Instagram?

Using Photoshop to enhance my photos

Photoshop is free software to enhance your photos. You can also crop your images and remove the objects that are seen in the background in the beautiful view you captured. In addition, Photoshop allows users to freely make changes to photos and add different effects to the background.

Using Adobe Lightroom to enhance my photos

This app is a free photo editor and has a camera that you can use to take stunning photos. Plus, you can quickly add style and effects with presets on your photos. Aside from that, you can edit your photos anywhere and transform simple photos with one of the best photo editing apps. Enhance the lighting and color of the photo and apply different filters to them.

Use per improve the quality of photos

If you don’t have access to third-party software or a mobile app to edit your photos, you can access hundreds of photo editing tools by visiting which gives you access to several online photo editing tools.

You can import your photo on the website and resize it, convert it, compress it and add different effects to it. There are thousands of effects you can use to experiment on your photos. Choose what you like; give it other enhancements and click import to save your photo.


While there are more than a hundred third-party software that you can use to edit, enhance, edit and modify your photos. We recommend that you use the Vortex Share photo editing tool which is the best of the best.

Also, as we have discussed about the variety of tools, photo effects and customizable sliders that you can use with this software. Any beginner can use this software to enhance his photo, because it is very easy to use and is the best photo editing tool for you.

Experiment on your photo and find out which of the tools sets your photo apart from the rest. Then, you can upload it to any of your social media accounts like Instagram and wait for the magic to happen.