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WhatsApp: new gender fluid emojis in the beta

The new beta of WhatsApp introduce new gender fluid emojis, which replace those of lovers united by the heart. There beta it doesn’t update features, but it helps more people express themselves using the messaging app.

The new beta of WhatsApp introduces gender fluid emoji

WhatsApp Beta Info developers discovered two new emojis in the WhatsApp beta update. This is the main novelty of the update, a small change from the standards of the messaging app. But the update is important because brings two new gender fluid modes to express themselves on the platform.

Until the previous update, emojis showing a couple in love were identifiable at the gender level. WhatsApp had already added the possibility of having emojis with two men and two women, as well as those for heterosexual couples. But it was missing a emoji that also represented those who do not identify themselves in a binary way. Then come two emojis that are not clearly identified, but cover a wider spectrum.

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Both of these emojis will be compatible with the functionality it allows combine two different skin tones, which will be available in a future update. This will help even more to make everyone feel represented when using WhatsApp emojis. That might seem like a recent novelty, but it still represents a further step towards a wider representation.

In addition to this novelty, the new beta introduce dei bug fix, specifically an issue that prevented you from responding to status updates in the app.

This new update concerns the Android app and at the moment we don’t know when it will be available for all users, as well as for those subscribed to the beta channel. We will keep you informed for this and future WhatsApp updates.

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