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WhatsApp: picture-in-picture for video calls on iOS

WhatsApp has already introduced an important feature on Android for some time multitasking thanks to the new update. Now the time has come for the iOS operating system of Apple. What is it about?

The new WhatsApp update also arrives for iOS

A few months ago it was announced that WhatsApp was conducting an update on the funzione Picture-in-picture for video chats on the Apple iOS operating system.

So, with the new update the new version 23.3.77 will be available which allows users during a whatsapp video call to access another app without having to pause or disconnect the video call in progress.

This way you can use your smartphone in multitasking mode. You can remain on a video call while continuing to use the phone for other reasons. Whatsapp minimize video chat and will allow the user to move it around the screen with their finger, while the video chat continues.

When will this update be available for download? WhatsApp says it will roll out in the coming weeks. So there is no waiting too long.

What else can be done with the new update

The update to version 23.3.77 includes other new features. Among these is the ability to add captions for sending documents to contacts in personal or group chats.

It will also be possible to write much more in the description of a WhatsApp group. After the update, the text can get long up to 2,048 characters, a huge increase from the previous 512 characters allowed.

Finally, the avatar they also arrive on WhatsApp, after Facebook and Instagram. To do this, you need to go to Settings, click on Avatar and Create your avatar. It can also become a profile picture on WhatsApp, by touching your profile picture, making changes and finally inserting it as a photo.

We remind you that this update already exists for Android, so it’s new for Apple users. You can install it from the Apple Store.

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