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WhatsApp simplifies the timer for ephemeral messages

The latest beta of WhatsApp reveals that the company is working to further simplify the use of ephemeral messagesallowing you to apply them to even more existing chats in an instant.

WhatsApp simplifies the timer for ephemeral messages

The new beta of WhatsApp, version per Android, introduces a change that makes it easier to use ephemeral messages. This type of message self-destructs after a certain amount of time, which users can select, to secure everyone’s privacy.

WhatsApp has introduced this feature inautumn 2020 and then bring a substantial package of updates to the end of last year to make them better usable. But with the new beta, it will become possible to apply the cancellation timer, even for existing chats.

The function, noticed by WhatsApp Beta Info, is found in the menu accessible by clicking:

  • Settings
  • Then in the section Account choose Privacy
  • Default message timer

Here you can set the ‘expiration’ of messages after one, seven or ninety days. WhatsApp explains that this feature applies to all individual chats that you open in the future, but if you want you can apply ephemeral messages to existing conversations. It seems that a link (not working for the moment) will allow you to open a chat list to select.

At the moment, however, to activate ephemeral messages in chat you have to go to the conversation settings, changing the timer for each discussion. A process certainly more cumbersome than that promised by this beta. Currently, however, the WhatsApp development team has yet to apply this change. We will keep you posted.

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