WhatsApp: soon it will be possible to use the app with usernames. Here’s what changes

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Further news from the world of WhatsApp: it will be possible chat even if you don’t share your phone number, only one will appear username for personal identification. This feature is already present in Telegram and has been quite successful in terms of privacy protection. For this reason, WhatsApp has decided to go the same way.

WhatsApp, with usernames there will be no need to show the phone number

WhatsApp users will be able to enter a username that can be their real name or a nickname and chat with their friends without necessarily having to show their phone number.

This novelty was found in the beta Android on Whatsapp and apparently it is under development. From the first analyzes carried out by WABetaInfo it emerged that the field will be present in the profile card “Whatsapp username”, where you will have to enter a unique username.

For the moment it is not known if this update will also be available for iOS in a short time, and this is not the only unknown factor. It’s unclear if there will be more privacy settings to allow users to decide whether they want to be detected by anyone or not by username.

The fonte WABetaInfo he stated that “WhatsApp could allow users to communicate privately with business accounts, thus safeguarding their personal phone numbers, or perhaps their use will be even more widespread, perhaps allowing private communications with any user”.

WhatsApp mobile icon app on screen smartphone iPhone macro. WhatsApp is a popular free instant text messaging system for mobile and other platforms. Moscow, Russia – June 15, 2021

WhatsApp: sent messages can be edited but with limitations

A novelty long awaited by users of WhatsApp it’s finally real: the ability to edit messages after sending them. The official announcement was made by Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Meta, the company that controls WhatsApp and Facebook.

The first thing to know is that modified messages will have a distinctive symbol to indicate that they have been edited after sending. The second thing is that the modification can only be made from the device from which the message was sent. This limitation exists to prevent other devices connected to the same account from altering the original content of the conversation. This means that If you send a message from the WhatsApp mobile app, you won’t be able to correct it from WhatsApp web (and viceversa). Furthermore, the change must be made within 15 minutes of sending the original message.