WhatsApp still limits the forwarding of messages

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Another update of the WhatsApp App for iOS users. Apparently, the platform is introducing new limits on message forwarding to other group chats, so as to further limit the spread of disinformation. A rather obvious novelty, given that in the past months the application has moved in every way to prevent users from forwarding fake news to their contacts in profusion. Now, however, WhatsApp seems determined to raise the bar of control.

WhatsApp: App restricts message forwarding for iOS users

“Forwarded messages can only be sent to a group chat”. So we read in the WhatsApp iOS App. Therefore, users will now no longer be able to forward a message that has already been forwarded many times to more than one group chat. A rule that does not apply, however, to the author of the message, who can forward the content to as many conversations as he wants. For the time being, this functionality it is limited to the beta version of the application, and we don’t know when it will truly become final for users.

Beyond this, there is also no trace of a similar option for the Android system, at least for the moment. But it doesn’t matter, since a function that limits the forwarding of messages on the WhatsApp App already exists. Disinformation, on the other hand, is a very dear topic to social platforms. And in this the messaging service is not excluded. In any case, what is interesting is that this would not be the only novelty that the platform is working on.

In fact, in recent days we have seen images circulating on the Net that show one new camera interface for android users. If this were to become officially available, it would be yet another option that demonstrates how the App is trying to further improve the experience of its most loyal users. In short, get ready for the news of WhatsApp because – believe us – there will be.