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WhatsApp: the date search function is coming to find photos, conversations and more

WhatsApp continues to update itself and is doing it in the best way. In addition to the latest innovations, such as the introduction of the Edit message option after sending it, the option that allows you to make a search for any type of content by date.

The date search function arrives on WhatsApp: how it works

On the most used messaging app in the world it will be possible to search contents such as photos, conversations, voice messages, links and so on by searching by date, i.e. the day on which that content was shared, received or sent.

To do this, simply add a new filter option for the internal search engine. This option had already appeared for some types of users, i.e. for those who had the beta version for iOS and beta version for WhatsApp Web.

To identify the new functionality of the application search by date, there will be a calendar icon that will appear if you click on the magnifying glass. You will be able to choose the day, month and year in which content was shared, sent or received.

You can then proceed and choose the day by leafing through the various months and years, so as to take a small journey through time within your personal archive and further filter content for voice audio, photos or videos, chats, documents or various links.


Since when is search by date available on WhatsApp? For the moment it is being tested on beta versions of the web platform. In the future it will be available to all users.

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WhatsApp for Mac arrives on the App Store

As SmartWorld points out, WhatsApp he made a complete I redraw both in its version for Windows and for Mac. Now develop both as native applications, leveraging the technology Catalyst for the Mac version. This major update allows the application to offer similar functionality to the mobile app. Between these audio and video callsdespite being complementary and requiring an account on the phone to be activated.

The app features notable improvements in terms of performance e energy efficiencycompared to the previous edition. However, the development path of the Mac app is slower than its Windows counterpart. Only in August this year did it reach the stable version ready for the official store, while on theMicrosoft Store it is available from 2022.

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