WhatsApp: i nuovi Termini di Servizio diventano opzionali thumbnail

WhatsApp: the new Terms of Service become optional

WhatsApp: the new Terms of Service become optional thumbnail

Three months after the arrival of the new ones Terms of Service for the privacy of WhatsApp, the company has decided to make them optional. However, for those who do not accept the new policies it will be impossible to chat with business accounts that use cloud providers linked to the account.

WhatsApp makes the new Terms of Service optional

The announcement of the change of terms of service for WhatsApp it was very troubled. Many users immediately complained about the inability to reject them and continue the experience with the messaging app. WhatsApp then announced that it would not delete any accounts but would only provide limited options for those accounts after a certain trial period. After a few weeks, the company has also reneged on this footnote.

Today there seem to be some news about it: the company will announce that we can all continue chatting with family and friends without any problem, even without accepting the new privacy policies. Which in fact involve more the “commercial” aspect of WhatsApp. In fact, users who do not accept the new terms of service will not be able to chat with some Business accounts, which use cloud providers linked to the account. In that case, WhatsApp will ask you to review the policies, as shown by this WABetaInfo image.

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So it seems that WhatsApp has listened to users, after three months and more of disagreements over the new privacy policies. If you want to use the app only to text your friends, without making purchases or accessing services, you can do it without accepting the new Terms of Service.

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