WhatsApp users will be able to choose what to include in backups

Gli utenti WhatsApp potranno scegliere cosa includere nei backup thumbnail

The system of backup of WhatsApp chats could register, in the near future, the arrival of an important novelty. Currently, in fact, a new chat backup function is in beta test phase that may soon arrive in the stable application version. WhatsApp users, in fact, will be able to manage the size of the backup by choosing what to include and what to exclude.

Users will be able to manage the WhatsApp backup

The new backup system will allow WhatsApp users to choose what to include in the content saved in the cloud. Among the options available, in addition to the text of the chats, there are photos, videos, audio, documents and “other media”. Users, through the appropriate section of the backup settings, will be able to select the type of content they want to save and which ones to exclude.

An important feature for Android

This novelty represents a very important element for theWhatsApp Android app. Currently, the application save chat backups in Google Drive e without taking up additional storage space, thanks to an agreement between the companies. In the future, however, it is not excluded that things may change. In fact, the WhatsApp backup could affect the Google Drive cloud storage space. Being able to choose what to save and what not will therefore become fundamental.

Further updates on what’s new in the management of application backups should emerge over the next few days. The beta testing program for this feature will continue.