Where can Amazon deliver? All you need to know

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Fast delivery of products purchased online is now part of our lives. Most online stores offer various shipping options to suit customers’ needs, but Amazon made of delivers one of its strengths. So if you’re looking to buy something on Amazon, you might be wondering “Where does Amazon deliver?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: Amazon delivers to virtually anywhere in the world. But there are several issues that need to be considered, especially if you live in rural areas or on islands.

Where Amazon delivers: at home and at pickup locations near you

amazon has one extensive network of distribution centers and shipping partners worldwide, which allows them to offer more shipping options. In Italy, there are several main shipping methods on Amazon.

The types of delivery on Amazon

The company offers three main delivery methods:

  • the free shipping, which delivers on average after four to five days. Free delivery is available only for orders over 25 euros for books or 29 euros for other products.
  • the shipping standard, which usually takes two or three working days. It costs
    • from 2.70 euros (1.70 at collection points) for books, CDs, vinyls, video games, software, DVDs and Blu-rays.
    • 3.99 euros (2.99 at collection points) for other items
    • 6.99 for bulky items
  • the shipping Premium, which delivers in one working day. It costs 5.99 euros (4.99 at collection points) or is free for Amazon Prime subscribers. You can sign up here.

To these modes is added the same day delivery, which costs 8.99 euros (7.99 euros at collection points) or 3.99 euros for Prime customers (who will pay nothing over 29 euros). However, you can only use it in some cities, where Amazon delivers the same day: Turin, Milan and Rome. And you can do it only on some items and on working days.

Scheduled delivery: how it works on Amazon and where it arrives

The scheduled delivery allows you to choose a precise time slot in which to deliver the products, in some cities even on Saturdays and Sundays (depends on availability, you can see it from your order cart).

Scheduled delivery costs 4.99 euros for an indicative time slot and 7.99 euros for a two-hour delivery slot. You can order products in the following seven days. If you are a Prime customeris free for the indicative timetable and costs €3.49 for a two-hour time slot.

Finally there is the delivery of household appliances or bulky products to the floor, which costs 19.99 euros for everyone, from Monday to Saturday.

Does Amazon deliver even if you live in rural areas?

If you live in a rural or remote area, you may be wondering if Amazon delivers there too. The answer, in general, is yes. Amazon works with various shipping partners including UPS, FedEx, DHL e USPS, to deliver packages worldwide. Even if you live in a rural area, you can still order from Amazon and have it shipped right to your door.

However, a clarification should be made for the islands and some coastal municipalities. If you buy products that contain flammable, pressurized, oxidizing, corrosive, dangerous for the environment, irritant or harmful substances, Amazon may not deliver directly to your home. You will see any restrictions in the purchase process. In those cases, you can generally focus on Pickup Points or Amazon Hub Lockers.

Amazon deliveries near home: how collection points work

Amazon also offers the option of picking up your order at a pick-up point. If you are not at home when the courier delivers the package or if he cannot arrive at your home, you can choose to collect it at a collection point, perhaps a partner shop of the company. A collection point is a place that has an agreement with Amazon where you can collect your package by showing an identity document and the order code. This option is particularly useful for those who work around the clock or for those who live in an apartment building without a doorman.

When you have to choose the shipping address during check-out, tick the option Look for a pickup point nearby. Just enter the zip code of your municipality to find out which Amazon collection points are near your home.

When the package is ready for collection, you will receive an email with the information necessary to collect the package.

The Amazon Hub Lockers

Amazon Locker collection points 1Amazon Locker collection points 1

Alternatively, Amazon offers several delivery options to its customers: you can choose to have the package delivered not only to your home or office but also to a Amazon Hub Locker. It is an automatic mailbox where you can collect your parcel by entering a collection code or by scanning a barcode.

To send the package to the Amazon Locker, follow the same instructions as for a generic collection point. Don’t worry about the size or weight of the products: if they are too large, Amazon will simply remove the Hub Locker option from purchase.

When you go to collect it, however, remember to bring a smartphone with an active Bluetooth connection. In fact, just click “Start Collection” in the confirmation email you received (or in the Track my package section of the app). If lockers require a code, you will find it by clicking. Otherwise, reading a may be required barcode and Bluetooth activation to open it automatically with your smartphone.

Where my Amazon parcel – how to track delivery?

To track your package, you can access the your Amazon account and select the order you wish to track. If your order was shipped from Amazon or from a seller who has shared tracking information with Amazon, you will be able to see the shipping status and estimated delivery date. You can also see where your Amazon delivery is by going to Track my package in the Amazon Shopping app.

A little note about it: if you want to make a gift, please report it during check-out. In this way, Amazon will ensure that only you can track the package, even if you took it with the family account.

With this information, deliveries on Amazon should no longer have secrets. If you have any doubts, write them in the comments.

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