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Where to Download Safe APKs for Android Apps

There are several reasons why a user Android prefer download applications outside the borders of Google Play Store. Perhaps the app has been removed or is not accessible, or you have a device without Google services. The key thing, if you will download APK files to install apps on Androidis that the files are sure: here are some sites you can trust – while continuing to pay attention.

The best sites to download safe APKs for Android apps

APK is an Android file format – the abbreviation is Android Package Kit, the primary way Android apps are distributed and installed. Even when you install an app from Google Play, you are downloading and running an APK file in the background. However, you don’t have direct access to the file.

Since APK files install apps on your system, sThey are a huge potential security threatto. A modified APK could become a digital Trojan horse to install and run malware. So they need to be safe APKs: therefore, you need to find reputable sites that distribute them.

However, trust goes so far – even the Play Store (or the App Store on iOS) sometimes has bad apps. Google and Apple are usually quicker to remove them, but no one can guarantee 100% security. So still pay attention to what you download and possibly use security software to protect yourself.

The sites to download Android apps alternative to the Play Store

With these premises (always better to reiterate the importance of security), here are the best sites to download safe APKs for your Android apps.


APKMirror it has been on the list of the best safe APK sites for Android for years. Android Police, an authoritative news site on the Android world (we often use it ourselves as a source) has created and manages this site. The staff verifies all APKs uploaded to the site before publication, ensuring they are genuine. They also check the encryption of apps to ensure they haven’t been modified to insert malware. And new apps are benchmarked against others from the same developer to ensure legitimacy.

So, if APKMirror can’t verify the validity of an APK file, it won’t publish the file. In addition to security, the possibility of downloading old versions of the apps is convenient. Also, with downloaded apps From APKMirror you can get updates from the Google Play Store.


apkpure siti sicuri apk app android min

APKMirror’s biggest competitor is called APKPure. Again, there are security practices to ensure that all APKs are virus-free. For example, APKPure verifies the legitimacy of all apps before publishing using SHA1 check the certificate and then analyzes cryptographic signatures for new app releases. Likewise, compare new apps to those already published by the developer.

To explain the applications, APKPure extracts screenshots, app descriptions and metadata general from Google. The site also has an alternative app to streamline the processes.


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Aptoide has more than 200 million users – six billion downloads have started from the site. Like APKPure, it offers an Android APK app that makes it easy to download APK files directly from your Android device.

For those interested, the online store also uses blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. The site token, called AppCoins, allows you to support developers to increase revenue. However, it allows users to manage their own stores and thus allows access to the platform with modified APKs. They are clearly marked, so paying attention should avoid problems.

APK Downloader

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APK Downloader uses the same APKs as the Google Play Store, so it offers security and robustness. This is above all a way to avoid the classic stores and have more control over the download of APK files. Everything works quite quickly: really just two clicks.

There are several advanced features and a lot of metadata, which allow you to avoid the Google store. But for most users, simplicity will be the main advantage of this solution.


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ApkBe is the preferred option of those who want install applications not present in the local PlayStore: in fact, it allows you to download applications from all over the world. This especially allows those who travel a lot or have recently changed countries to have all the tools available.

Although the Apks of this platform are as safe as those of other sites, we still encourage you to be careful which services you install. Especially apps that come from countries known for cybercrime, we recommend that you only install services that you know and trust.

These are the safest sites for APKs, but remember that computer security is an attitude to be exercised continuously: use security software and check well before downloading APKs that you know little about.

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