Dove vedere Feyenoord-Lazio: le italiane in Champions League

Where to watch Feyenoord-Lazio: the Italians in the Champions League

In this dedicated article we will find out where to see the Italian teams competing in the Champions League: in this case Feyenoord-Lazio

The Champions League is the football competition for the most fascinating club in Europe and, together with the Copa Libertadores, the most fascinating in the world. For this new 2023-2024 season, there are four Italian teams involved in this tournament. These are the top four in the last Serie A championship Napoli first of all, the Italian champion team that plays in the first tier and in Group C; then there is l’Inter, finalist and runner-up in the last edition who plays in Group D; there Lazio who finished second in the last Serie A, the Capitoline team led by Maurizio Sarri will play the matches in Group E and finally the Milanthe most successful Italian team in Europe that will face Group F. In this article we will show you where and how to watch Feyenoord-Lazio.

Where to watch Feyenoord-Lazio: the Italians in the Champions League

Sky/Now TV or Prime Video? | Where to watch Feyenoord-Lazio

And so, where to watch Feyenoord-Lazio? There are two options regarding the Champions League: either up Sky/Now TV or on Prime Video. In particular this match will be broadcast with Sky and therefore it will be visible through your Now TV subscription. If you are not yet a subscriber, hurry up and do so.

The offer is very advantageous offers you a price of €14.99 per month or the possibility of paying €9.99 per month but with the obligation to remain a subscriber for 12 months without the possibility of canceling. By subscribing to the Sport Pass, in addition to the Champions League show, you will have access to 3 Serie A matches, the entire Serie B, the Europa League, the Conference League and all the sports shows such as: Formula 1, NBA Basketball, Golf, Tennis etc…

While by subscribing to Amazon Prime you will have at your disposal not only the entire catalog of films, TV series, documentaries etc… but also the possibility of watching the Champions League matches which will be broadcast exclusively on Prime. All at the price of 4.99 euros per month or 49.99 euros per year and, if eligible, can start a 30 day free usage period. Additionally, students can begin a six-month probationary period Prime Student then paying only 2.49 euros per month or 24.95 euros per year.

Let us know if you have subscribed and which Italian team you support in this Champions League. For further details and news, continue to tune in to

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