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Which electric bike to choose? Here are the best ones around

You are looking for the best electric bikes to move around the city (and also outside) in a green and intelligent way? In this article, we’ve rounded up some of the best alternatives you can buy conveniently online and also a couple of options for long term rental. Above all, we sorted the best electric bikes from the cheapest to the top ones. So that you can find the perfect electric bicycle for your needs.

Best electric bikes 2022, which one to choose?

The assisted pedaling allows you to cover greater distances without getting tired, in order to reach the place of work or study by bike without arriving sweaty in summer and frozen in winter. A good electric bike offers one discrete autonomy with the rechargeable batterya comfortable pedaling when you want to move with the driving force of your legs and possibly a lightweight (and sometimes foldable) design.

In this list we have not included racing bikes or mountain bikes (and all the alternatives for downhill, etc.). For that type of vehicle, we always recommend that you rely on a professional dealer to find the right set-ups for your needs. Here instead we have collected some of the better alternatives to move around the city or in the countrysidebut without sporting pretensions.

What are the best electric bikes around

We have organized the selection in oprice order, from lowest to highest. In addition to the cost, evaluate based on battery autonomy: take into account your average trip and choose a vehicle that can cover it without problems. Then evaluate functionality (and don’t forget to listen to your aesthetic taste too).

Windgoo Folding Electric Bicycle

Coming almost entirely pre-assembled, you can jump into your saddle right away Windgoo B3. The aluminum frame and the 14 “wheels lower weight a 14.7 kilograms. But it is powerful enough to climb 12-15 degree slopes and travel up to 25km / h. Autonomy reaches up to da16 a 22 km, all for a very competitive price.

i-Bike Fold Flip ITA99

20-inch wheels, steel frame. The wheels they are comfortable when you ride and once folded the bike doesn’t take up much space. The battery from 216 Wh it should allow you to arrive up to 15-20 km of autonomybased on which of the three levels of assistance you choose.

DYU Folding Electric Bicycle

Small wheels from 14 inches, foldable design and convenient grip to carry it. But that of DYU remains among the best electric bikes even for thel 240W and 36V motor, which allows you to move to 25 km / h tackle climbs of 15 degrees. With autonomy promised by ben 40 km with pedal assistance and 25 km with maximum help. A great product.

Nilox, E-Bike J1, Electric Bike with Assisted Pedaling

A classic look and one of the best pedal assistance for electric bikes. You can recharge this electric bike in three hours and then ride up to 25 km, with top speeds of up to 25km / h. The wheels from 20 inch rThey always end up pedaling even when you want to use the power of your legs.

FIIDO D2S Folding Electric Bike

made of aluminum alloy and weighing only 19,5 kmhas six pedaling speeds and three working modes: electric, cycling and electric assistance. With three gears that allow you to move at 10, 15 or 20 km / h. The battery allows you to get to 60 km of assisted pedaling.

Revoe Urban, Folding Electric Bicycle

Very simple to use, when you start pedaling the motor from 250W start giving you a hand. You can choose whether to get help with assistance from 6, 15 and 25 km / h e Revoe promises up to 40 km autonomy with maximum speed. It arrives already 90% assembled, so you can immediately start pedaling one of the best electric bikes out there.

Momo Design Venezia

Big wheels from 26 inches and all the style of Momo Design. This bike assembled in Italy (and with the name of one of our most beautiful cities) has a simple to use display, a six-speed gearbox and about 40 kilometers autonomy at maximum speed.

i-Bike i-Fold 21 ITA99

Il pratico display LED allows you to choose between the three levels of assistance and to keep the autonomy under control, the battery lasts approx 25 kilometers and can easily be pulled out. There is also the convenience of charging the smartphone with the USB port.

F.lli Schiano E- Star

An easily foldable aluminum frame, a powerful motor that allows pedal assistance up to 25 kilometers per hourchoose from seven different speeds with the gearbox Shimano Tourney FT35D. The declared autonomy goes as far as 80 km, even if at maximum speed they lower a little: that’s enough and it goes on for the vast majority of urban journeys. One of best electric bikes around.

Speedrid Folding Electric Bike

With Fat tires for great stability and adaptability, you can use this electric bike even on dirt roads without any problem. The maximum speed from 25 km / h has a range of 30-40 kmwhile with the assisted pedaling you can easily reach the 40-60 km. You can then fold it to take it wherever you want.

Silver Minimax Electric Bicycle

The autonomy of this bike Argento varia from 30 to 70 kilometers, with the Samsung battery that also offers the USB socket for charging. The powerful engine allows you to tackle even steeper gradients. Argento has taken care of the details, you find change Shimanofront fork Boy and disc brakes Tektro. It is foldable but the weight from 25 kg it could be heavy for some. Attention to detail.

FIIDO M1 Pro electric bicycle

Big tires, r20 inch wheels, aluminum frame that you can easily fold. The engine from 500W lets face too slopes from 30 ° and with pedal assistance alone you can reach up to 130 kilometers of autonomy. But in addition to doing all the basics in the best possible way, every detail is meticulous, especially the shock absorbers are excellent. One of best electric bikes around, if you have no spending limits.

If you are not ready to buy, think about the subscription

If you are still undecided about buying an electric bicycle, you can at least initially rely on gods sharing services to understand if they are actually the right solution for you. Spending a few hundred euros for a vehicle that does not turn out to be suitable for your journey is not ideal. A sharing service such as Wife it might help you figure it out.

Alternatively you can bet on the long term rental. This way you can have all the benefits of an electric bike without the hassles: insurance and assistance are usually included. And you can always stop when you want (perhaps during the winter months).

Swampfiets offers the electric bike Power 1 for 49.90 euros per month (here we deepen the topic), or you can bet on Fusion.

These are all the best alternatives to get started with electric bikes. If you need help choosing, feel free to ask us in the comments.

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