Whirlpool and Hotpoint, love for the home at Fuorisalone 2022

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On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2022, Whirlpool Corporation took us on an evocative journey to the heart of Milan, to rediscover the love for the home with the two brands Whirlpool and Hotpoint. A double sensory journey, followed by a discussion on neuroscience that explains the importance of two concepts: silence and home. Which for our well-being, we cannot take it for granted.

Whirlpool and Hotpoint make us fall in love with the house at Fuorisalone 2022

In Milan, in via delle Erbe 2A, in the heart of the Brera Design Districtwe entered the sensory experience of Home Reborn. On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2022, Whirlpool e Hotpoint they weren’t satisfied with showing the best of their appliances. They did something more: they wanted to tell us how to find a sense of well-being at home and how to discover the meaning of the feeling of Home-Love.

Rediscovering well-being within the walls of your home

Entering the first part of the route, we immediately noticed how Whirlpool has decided to involve all five senses in this experience. Indeed, you are: introducing the concept of 6th SENSE Technologythe embodiment of the design and intuition of Whirlpool .

At first the sensations that affect us create stress: we hear the sound of an alarm clock and the bright time at the end of a dark corridor. Then we start walking in a ocean of mirrors and video walls showing people walking quickly, with their heads down. A representation of the chaos we throw ourselves into every day.

But then, peace. First, a room with soothing sounds, lights and smells to cleanse us from the day. And then we go into the house.

In a dedicated room we could see the best of built-in collection Whirlpool. With the combined refrigerator Total No Frost, the most silence in the category, which allows you to enjoy the silence when you are in the kitchen. But without giving up space: on the contrary, expanding it because studies show that we shop less and less and we need more seats. And then there built-in dishwasher of the line, with intelligent functions to open only when the temperature has dropped to prevent vapors from ruining the furniture.

And again i smart ovens, che you can adjust with the dedicated app on your smartphone. With a particularly wide shelf to allow you to cook easily. But space too inductionwith steam extraction for those without a hood.

Hotpoint’s Home-Love

If in the first part of the path we experience different sensations, Hotpoint wants to arouse real emotions. At first he recreates family moments, starting with Sunday breakfasts in an installation that gives off the smell of coffee and the sound of jars of jam being opened.

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Then we move on to the party: the speakers make you hear someone singing “Happy Birthday to you” in the background, while a sea of ​​family photos and videos warms our hearts. For the kitchen it also means this: yes cooks for the people you love, memories are cemented which are the foundations of who we are.

After arousing these feelings, Hotpoint shows us her built-in line. Let’s find one 60 cm built-in dishwasher, you can enough that there is no need to pre-wash (avoiding waste of resources). But that you can manage to insert large pans and any other accessory with the modular shelves.

I Hotpoint Total No Frost combined built-in refrigerators they are really spacious: especially the fruit and vegetable section seems perfect for a large healthy shopping.

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The Hotpoint Classe 9 built-in Cooking Suite finally it has everything you need. A large oven, a microwave with a shelf to serve as a food warmer and a large induction hob. Which uses intelligent technologies to prevent the pasta water from overflowing from the pot and all those little accidents that can happen in the kitchen. Eliminate all hassles, in order to leave room only for home-love.

Whirlpool and Hotpoint at Fuorisalone 2022: between home and laboratory

If the multisensory experience involved us, Whirlpool and Hotpoint wanted to underline that science is behind the concepts presented at Fuorisalone 2022. In fact, we were able to follow an event with the Beau Lotto, world famous neuroscientist and popular TED Talk luminary.

In the press event “The power of perceptions” the scientist explained the importance of perceptional science, which explains how small precautions in our home environment have enormous impacts on our life.

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His quest for Whirlpool touched the “Power of Silence “, explaining how the noise increases the level of cortisol and has negative health impacts. Instead silence positively affects our well-being, even if the need varies from person to person. They then developed algorithms to evaluate the impact of silence on customers’ lives. It is evaluated how important it is within the walls of the house: appliances that do not disturb can make a difference.

Also very interesting is the analysis for Hotpoint on how the people perceive their home. An entity that recognize as ‘alive’, enough to treat her like a real person. In fact, many people report spending more time on improving their home than they do on cultivating friendships, and they think about their home very often. In fact, people see their home as a v“idealized” version of one’s personalitytheir interests and tastes.

If you succeed, we recommend that you live the experience of Whirlpool and Hotpoint in via delle Erbe. But a good way to rediscover the love for your home is to run on the ecommerce of Whirlpool and Hotpoint and discover new products.