Who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup? Artificial Intelligence has no doubts

Who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup?  Artificial Intelligence has no doubts

Do you remember the magic pendulum of Maurice Moscow? The one who, depending on the trajectory traced, was able to predict victories and defeats in the World Cup? We have seen many throughout the history of football, especially during the World Cup. In 2010, for example, for the World Cup in South Africa, we relied on the Polpo Paul which, in spite of those who do not believe in the intelligence of cephalopods, guessed all 8 results for which he was “interrogated”. Died of natural causes a few months after the South African World Cup, the octopus was then replaced by other animals, to which the fateful question was asked: who will win the soccer world cup 2022?

In 2022, after receiving the opinions from pappagallo Ghyblj, from the turtle Cabecao and even of kitten Achilles, the world has opted for a more techy solution. Already in early November, before the start of the controversial Qatari World Cup, FIFA 23 had simulated all 64 gamesindicating as winner theArgentina. Prediction that did not bring any good to the Albiceleste of Leo Messiwho started the 2022 World Cup with a sensational and unexpected defeat.

Now however, to provide a new forecast, it is Airrsenal, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the Alan Turing Institute in London. This has used the algorithms of him to develop a predictive model based on over 100,000 simulations of the 64 participating teams. The result is the lapidary answer to the fateful question: who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup?

Here’s who will win the Qatar 2022 World Cup according to the AI

According to the complex algorithm, the favorite team is the Brazil. The Verdeoro – according to AIrsenal – have a 25% chance of winning the Qatari World Cup (and here, if we were Neymarwe would do some exorcism).

Neymar with the Brazilian national team shirt

AIrsenal indicates that the other favorite teams, after Brazil, are the Belgium (19%) and theArgentina (13%). Both national teams did very badly in the first match, with Belgium winning with great difficulty against the more modest Canada and Argentina which was sensationally defeated bySaudi Arabia. Such an unexpected result that Saudi King Salman announced a national holiday throughout the country.

They close the top 5 there Francereigning national champion, and theEngland. Both have started this World Cup very well. The is missing Spain therefore, who yesterday dominated the Costa Rica winning narrowly (7-0 the final result).

The AI ​​also highlighted the seven nations that “have no chance” of making it to the final. These are Australia, Cameroon, Canada, Ghana, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and the hosts of the Qatar.