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Why did Twitter change its font?

Why did Twitter change its font?  thumbnail

No great aesthetic or content revolution, but up Twitter a small and almost imperceptible modification of the was introduced today font. The platform font appears slightly thinner compared to the previous.

On mobile devices, however, the font seems to be the same as always, without substantial changes. The novelty has not been officially announced by the platform, but the debate is already open online to find the motivation behind this slight change.

Twitter changes its font: aesthetic choice or is there something else?

Changing the font is certainly not something atypical for a social network, and it is probable that the choice derives from a simple aesthetic renewal factor. Despite this, several users on the net have advanced different hypotheses. What is suspicious is the fact that the company has not publicly announced the change.

According to some Twitter would have changed the font for limit fake accounts on the platform. With the old font, in fact, not the uppercase “i” (I) and the lowercase “L” (l) were almost identical. The same goes for the capital “o” (O) and the number 0. A feature exploited by various fake profiles to pretend to be actors and celebrities, using the two letters improperly.

The problem of fake accounts could be solved by implementing a functional verification system, but as we know Elon Musk has upset all plans in this regard. Meanwhile, Musk himself has changed his name on Twitter to call himself Mr. Tweet. A nice maneuver, which however had a particular implication: he now he can no longer change his username.

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