Why iPhone gets hot?

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Let’s analyze the problem and solution of why the iPhone gets hot, how to fix the problem and how to prevent it from happening frequently

In the modern era, l’iPhone has become an indispensable companion, allowing us to stay connected and organized like never before. However, you may have noticed that sometimes this powerful device can become more heat to the touch than usual. This phenomenon, while common, often raises questions about its origin and the potential risks involved. In the following guide, we will take a closer look at the underlying reasons of the overheating of the Apple smartphone, analyzing the most common causes of this phenomenon and providing helpful hints on how to manage it effectively.

Why iPhone gets hot?

The most probable reasons | Why iPhone gets hot

  • Recharge Energy: While charging the iPhone, energy flows into the battery generating heat, especially when using the device simultaneously, thus increasing the risk of overheating.
  • App in Background: Running many apps in the background can overload il device, causing increased power usage and causing overheating especially with heavy apps and games.
  • iOS updates: Problems with the current version of iOS can contribute to iPhone overheating, which can often be fixed with a simple operating system update. However, sometimes it may be necessary wait a few minutes for the device to cool down after the update.
  • Applications Not Updated: Buggy or buggy apps can cause overheating. Checking for updates to fix such issues is crucial.
  • Extended calls: Long calls, when taken individually shouldn’t overheat the device, but if applications in background consume resources while calling, the iPhone may become hot.
  • Heavy GPU usage: games and apps that require intensive use of GPU (Graphics Processing Units) put strain on the system and can cause overheating. This also applies to processor-intensive applications, such as programs editing video come iMovie.

Why iPhone gets hot?

Other possible causes | Why iPhone gets hot

  • Intensive use of GPS: navigation apps such as Waze, TomTom, Apple Maps and Google Maps require significant battery, processor and GPS antenna resources. This combined load can cause your iPhone to overheat during and after using these applications.
  • Extended Video Recording: capturing videos or playing games for long periods subjects both the processor main (CPU) that the graphics processor dedicated (GPU) for prolonged and intense use. This stress on the processors can lead to overheating of the device.
  • Presence of Malware/Virus: a possible infection from malware o virus may cause malicious processes to run in the background, overloading processors and causing overheating. If all other causes have been ruled out, this often overlooked possibility should be considered.
  • Exposure to Heat in the Car: Leaving your phone in your car on hot days can have serious consequences. The temperatures inside of of the vehicles, especially when parked in the sun, they can reach critical levels for the electronics, leading to sudden shutdowns and potentially permanent damage.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight: expose the device to direct sunlight, especially if for long periods, can cause a significant increase in internal temperature. This risk is greater on hot days and can lead to crashes and hardware damage, especially on dark devices.

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