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Why TikTok’s head of security chose to step down

Why TikTok's head of security chose to resign thumbnail

In these hours TikTok announced that Roland Cloutier, Head of Global Security, will step down from his role starting September 2nd. It will be replaced Kim Alvarella, appointed interim head of the Global Security Organization. Cloutier will take an advisory role at the company to focus on the business impact of TikTok’s security and trust programs. A change that comes just as the platform faces greater scrutiny from US officials.

TikTok: Chief of security resigns as control of US authorities increases

“Part of our evolving approach has been to minimize US user data security concerns, including creating a new department to manage US user data for TikTok.” So he stated Shou Zi Chew, CEO of TikTok. “This is an important investment in our data protection practices and it also changes the scope of the role of Global Chief Security Officer (CSO).” A change in strategy that comes after a BuzzFeed News report reveals that TikTok staff in China had access to the company’s U.S. user data. In response, the company said it is moving US user data sui server Oracle in the United States.

The report thus confirms the concern of US officials. On the other hand, they have long feared that TikTok would allow the Chinese government to access user data. In response to the report, some Republican senators wrote to the company to express their concern. And TikTok responded that employees have access to the data “subject to a set of robust cyber security controls and authorization approval protocols overseen by our US-based security team.” Indeed, the company said it is working on a new security program. “Project Texas“, A plan to strengthen data security for US-based users.

“Project Texas’ overall goal is to help build trust with users and key stakeholders by improving our systems and controls. But it is also making substantial progress towards compliance with the final agreement with the US government that will fully safeguard user data and national security interests, ”the CEO said. Therefore, the resignation of TikTok’s chief of security is just one piece in a larger project.

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