Wikitrivia: the game of the moment that tests your culture

Wikitrivia: il gioco del momento che mette in crisi anche gli storici più esperti thumbnail

One of the trends of the moment on the web is definitely Wikitrivia: an apparently very simple and intriguing game that is able to test the certainties of even the most avid historians.

Retrieve the history books: today we play Wikitrivia

No, we blatantly lied to you: Going through your high school history books won’t help you much in getting a good score in Wikitrivia. Unless your history books talk about the birth of the Jackson 5 or gods Nirvana. Yes, because there are also these events in the game that is driving the web crazy and that is able to bring down the certainties of the most avid historians. But let’s go in order: what is this Wikitrivia?

Basically it is a very intuitive browser game, which consists of creation of a historical timeline. The game will offer us the cards they represent specific events of historical and cultural significance (from the discovery of America to the birth of certain artists). Once we have received the first card we will have to move it to a horizontal timeline, on which another card is already present. The question is: did the historical event represented by our chart take place earlier or later than the one on the timeline? Our role will therefore be of sort the events in chronological order. For each card placed on the timeline we will be offered another one, thus making our timeline more and more full of historical events.

But be careful: a life will be stolen from each mistake, and after three lives stolen it will be Game Over. However, the game will keep track of our result, thus being able to challenge friends (but also ourselves, with the aim of breaking your personal best). Also keep in mind that everything is in English, but the game is so intuitive that the lack of knowledge of the English language should not be an obstacle.

Wikitrivia can be played on both mobile and desktop (from a computer it is much more convenient) and includes historical events of all kinds, including the birth of brands or the launch on the market of certain products. If you feel ready to release your inner history click here to play.

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