Spotify leverages Oracle Moat Analytics to cater to advertisers

Spotify sfrutta Oracle Moat Analytics per soddisfare gli inserzionisti pubblicitari thumbnail

Spotify has become over the last few years a real reference in the podcast sector thanks also to the excellent advertising performance obtained by exploiting the Oracle cloud service. It has played a central role in guaranteeing the growth of users who access podcasts through Spotify the measurement service of Oracle Moat Analytics, one of Oracle’s cloud solutions.

The features of Oracle Moat Analytics at the Spotify service

Spotify has been using Oracle Moat Analytics since 2016. The suite helps advertisers, publishers and owners of application platforms, such as Spotify itself, measure the performance of advertisements on digital and TV campaigns. Regarding the use of the service, Rochelle Sanchirico, Spotify’s global director of SMB marketing, points out: “Spotify has chosen Moat as the leader in video measurement. We always want to provide a first-class experience for our listeners and advertisers. Moat was a great choice, and it still is today. ”

Excellent performance for advertisements

Spotify has excellent results for its advertisers. In particular, in viewability, a parameter that identifies the number of valid impressions (displayed for at least a couple of seconds), Spotify records a very good one +21.5% compared to the industry benchmark. As for the quality of completion, a parameter used to measure whether users hear or see an ad in its entirety, Spotify is clearly ahead of its competitors with a +130% compared to the industry average. With these numbers, Spotify advertisers can only be very satisfied with the performance.

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