Wiko annuncia una collaborazione con Evita Stork thumbnail

Wiko announces a collaboration with Evita Stork

Wiko announces collaboration with Evita Stork thumbnail

Wiko kicks off a new important collaboration announced the partnership with the hip hop dancer, choreographer and singer Evita Stork. The artist, from Modena by adoption and Russian by origin, founded the dance / pop / trap music project Les Flames. His first single, Forty, it immediately went viral, managing to conquer the rankings of the main streaming platforms and being loved by the youngest.

Wiko collaborates with Evita Stork

Evita Stork will be the protagonist of a new social content campaign for Wiko that will kick off next October. Together with the artist there will be the new Power U30, the Wiko flagship that has just made its debut on the brand’s Italian online store. The campaign will also include i WiSHAKE Vibes, Wiko’s portable speakers can be combined with magnetic clips. To follow the new social campaign you can refer to Evita Stork’s Instagram profile and to the various social channels of Wiko Italia on Facebook and Instagram

Wiko’s comment

Morena Porta, Marketing & Communication Director di Wiko South of Europe, comments: “Evita has an energy and a charge that makes it impossible not to be fascinated or, more simply, still. His style so colorful, urban and pop, but at the same time rich in rhythm and structure, is able to awaken the teenager in each of us and give back a feeling of lightness that we all need more and more “

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