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Wiko draws up the etiquette of the smartphone

On the occasion of the World Friendship Day, which is celebrated on July 30th, Wiko he decided to draw up a list of tips to keep their own friendships even when communicating via smartphone. Let’s find out all the details together.

World Friendship Day: here are Wiko’s tips to keep friendships strong

Friendship, the true one, is a more unique than rare bond, even in 2021. In the digital society, there are still those who can find the time to share dinners, travels and fun with their friends and who, especially in the last period, keeps relationships alive thanks to technology.

More precisely thanks to smartphones.

Via chat, however, you often risk creating more misunderstandings than in person. On one side, thanks to technology e ai social it’s easier consolidate relationships, on the other instead there is a risk of not being attentive to the sensitivity of others, invade online spaces and send years and years of mutual trust up in smoke with a single click.

So what are the basic principles for “keeping close friends” online too? Here are a few digital etiquette suggestion and Wiko:

  • the voice notes always create a great debate between friends. Between lazy keyboards, who send audio even at 7 am “for convenience”, and serial talkers, for which staying under 3 minutes of audio is a conquest, it is better to opt for self-control. Therefore avoid voice messages longer than 60 seconds.
  • Pay attention to the more particular GIFs and emojis. We all agree that on certain occasions, an emoji or a GIF speaks more than a thousand words. But too much is good. Also beware of misunderstandings: in the 4.0 era it is the easiest way to incur unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • When we want friends to keep up with what we’re telling, send broken sentences after each word risks putting a strain on everyone’s patience. Better to include a thought in a single sending, so as not to pester others with thousands of notifications, screenshots and photos.
  • Spam prohibited. Chain of letters, hoaxes and links to unlikely pages? Do not send them. In fact, don’t open them yourself. THE viruses are always around the corner and remember, passwords are best not to be shared, especially via chat.
  • Everyone has a social-addicted friend who spends his evenings in company, taking photos and shooting stories to immortalize every moment on their feeds. If you don’t have it, it’s probably because you are that friend. In these cases, remember ask always permission to friends before posting content about them. You could in fact cause him problems with his partner or at work. Others, however, may not like photographs. The reasons can be various: therefore remember to ask.

Wiko concludes with this last tip. Even if thanks to the smartphone you can always stay in touch and with many friends you can even hear several times a day, it’s never a bad idea to send a loving message someone to remind them that you love them.

It is a simple thing and we often forget to do it.

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