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Wild Rift: Two new champions, new skins, and everything else new in patch 4.1

With the new patch 4.1 of League of Legends: Wild Rift several new features are coming to the game, including two new Champions, tank changes, new events and much more.

Let’s start with the new Champions. The first is called Urgot, and it’s a monstrous marriage of man and machine that crushes the weak top lane with a mix of ancient Zaunite tech and good old brute force. It is no coincidence that it is also called “the dreadnought”.

The second Champion is called instead Twitch, the plague rat. This is a marksman with attacks that apply poison to each hit. He is also super stealthy, thanks to his ability to blend in.

League of Legends: Wild Rift – Patch 4.1 items

The patch also improves the playability of tanks, with new options that change the whole approach to the role. Specifically, the update introduces:

  • Pair of amaranth: Grants perseverance stacks while the wielder is in combat with enemy champions. At maximum stacks, size increases along with toughness, armor, and magic resist. The bonuses remain until you exit combat. Amaranth Pair is a late-game addition that provides power similar to Rabadon’s Headgear for tanks.
  • Cloak of the twelfth hour: If the wearer’s health drops below a certain threshold, he heals himself for part of his own bonus health and gains movement speed and slow resistance. A great choice for champions who value toughness to protect their team (like Sion or Singed).
  • Burning Crown: a new item with burn damage. The wielder’s attacks or abilities burn the target for a few seconds, dealing damage based on the enemy’s maximum health. Furthermore, the effect can stack with that of Cloak of the Sun, doubling the damage of the flames.

In addition to this, the patch introduces improvements on items already present in-game. For example Mask of the abyss è is now becoming more than one champion-friendly through tweaks to her passive. Now, when the wielder takes magic damage, they retain a portion of it, and when rooting an enemy, the stored damage explodes dealing magic damage in a small area. Also Force of the nature has a new passive. Starting this patch, taking damage from spells grants Resolve stacks. At full stacks, the bearer gains movement speed and reduces all magic damage taken. Dealing damage to enemy champions refreshes their stack duration, allowing them to hold out longer in fights. In the end, Thornplate, Cloak of the Sun, and Vest of Brambles receive minor stat changes.

General Improvements and Ranked

Wild Rift patch 4.1 also denotes a change in the account level system. Now, upon reaching level 40, players will unlock a “prestige” system. Additional levels then provide “stars”, shown in the profile and other visible areas. The stars obtained show the growth of the player as he gains levels.

Also comes the new (indeed the ninth) classified season, which will be characterized by the Twisted Fate Glorious Fleet. Time then to set sail for new seas aboard crazy ships. The management of the higher levels also changes for the classifieds. Starting this season, 40 marks will be required for promotion to Grandmaster. The number of marks required to stay in that tier will remain the same throughout the season. The Challenger promotion instead rises to at least 60 brandsinstead of 40 in past seasons.

Wild Pass ed Eventi

Il Wild Pass of season 9 also introduces There Superheroine, a new heroine ready to save the world. She will be redeemable at the end of the new Wild Pass, complete with flaming gloves and an intriguing secret identity. If you’re looking for an even more badass look, find her ascended skin in the Wild Pass Emporium.

Patch 4.1 also introduces second events:

  • Quiz at Urgot: complete quests to unlock quiz questions and prove how much you know Runeterra
  • Chaotic trick: a totally crazy event in which Jinx will “help” you to face a strange challenge full of difficult missions
  • Twitch Ambush: A nice starter event for old and new Twitch players

Wild Rift: All new aspects of patch 4.1

Finally, to conclude on a high note, here are all the new aspects introduced by the patch.

  • Morgana NOVA
  • Lee Sin NOVA
  • Lucian NOVA
  • Riven NOVA
  • Urgot High Noon
  • Ezreal Arcade
  • Battle Boss Brand
  • Gallio
  • Veigar Boss Finale
  • Cosmic Lux
  • Lux Cosmic Darkness
  • Twitch Team Omega
  • Karma Bringer of the Dawn
  • Yone Bringer of the Dawn
  • Lillia Nightbringer
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