Will AMD Navi31 have 384-bit GDDR6 memory?

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AMD has announced its new GPU! The new AMD Navi31 graphics card is rumored to have 384-bit GDDR6 memory

AMD has always had problems in managing memory within its architectures dedicated to graphics. However there was a turning point through technology Infinity Cache launched with RDNA2. Indeed, GPUs with this technology are able to compete with rivals from NVIDIA, which are equipped with 384-bit interfaces and GDDR6X memory much faster and more performing. It seems that the competition between NVIDIA “Ada” and AMD RDNA3 it will turn on, as the next flagship GPU AMD Navi31”Will mount a memory interface GDDR6 384-bit.

Will AMD Navi31 have 384-bit GDDR6 memory?

Will AMD Navi31 have 384-bit GDDR6 memory? The rumors …

This 50 percent increase in memory bus width goes hand in hand with two associated entries. First, the company will use memory chips GDDR6 20 Gbps faster. Second, it appears that AMD may increase the memory size Infinity Cache. Samsung is already mass-producing memory chips GDDR6 20 Gbps and 24 Gbps. These are normal GDDR6 memory chips with JEDEC standard and non-GDDR6X signaling, a unique type of memory introduced by NVIDIA e Micron Technologywhich leverages PAM4 signaling to increase data rates.

Theoretical speed of 20 Gbps GDDR6 memory of “Navi31”Would enjoy 960GB / s of bandwidth, a whopping 87.5% bandwidth increase over the RX 6900 XT. L’Infinity Cache it operates at speeds measured in several TB / s. The increased bus width could also signal an increase in memory size, with the successor RX 6950 XT having at least 24GB of memory.

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