Will Apple ever produce another iPhone “s”?

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Until the X series, Apple used to launch iPhone with the suffix “s”. But after the release of the iPhone 13, it is rumored in the company’s corridors that the iPhone (number) s branding was permanently canceled. Even for products that change relatively little compared to the previous year, as happened for the iPhone 13 (which also remains the best iPhone ever produced, Pro and Pro Max excluded). From now on, only numbers for Cupertino smartphones.

Apple will never produce an iPhone s again

The “s” line debuted when iPhone was not yet the lord of the phone market. Not so much because there were more rivals than today but above all because the concept of smartphones was still relatively new, with many users who preferred to do without it. Those were the times ofiPhone 3Gs, which introduced the new telecommunications standard in the Apple ecosystem: 3G, in fact. At the time, Apple explained that the “S” stood for “speed“, To call up the communication speed.

After that we have not received any further explanations on the meaning of the letters in the names. Tim Cook did not want to explain the name but theiPhone 4s he was the first to use the voice assistant Siri, whose initial fits perfectly with the name of the device. L‘iPhone 5S instead he was the first to introduce the fingerprint reader in the center button, with many users and fans who believed that the “S” meant “Safety“.

For the iPhone 6s, no one knows for sure what the letter represents. And the same goes for the‘iPhone XS, which represented a particular change in the nomenclature of Apple’s smartphones. But above all it did not have the hoped-for success, perhaps condemning the suffix also for future generations.

The new iPhone is called 13, not 12s. And in all likelihood, the next one will be called iPhone 14. We won’t need to wonder what the names mean. But It is certainly not because of the branding mystery that users around the world continue to buy iPhones.