Will Apple return to using the backlit logo on MacBooks?

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Apple could bring back the illuminated Apple logo on MacBooks after several years from the abandonment of this iconic element. The backlit logo could, in fact, be one of the next novelties coming to the MacBook range over the next few years.

Will Apple bring back the backlit logo on MacBooks? Maybe yes

The confirmation comes from a new patent filed by Apple. According to this patent, in fact, the backlit logo could find space among the features of the MacBook range thanks to a system consisting of one partially reflective backlit mirror.

Apple’s patented solution opens the door to new solutions for the MacBook range for the foreseeable future. The return of the backlight for the Apple brand represents an interesting opportunity for the company that intends to continue growing on the market over the next few years.

Recall that Apple began to eliminate the backlit logo in 2015, adopting alternative solutions that, however, have not canceled the use of the iconic backlight system. We will know more, for sure, over the next few months.

In the meantime, the Cupertino house has no plans for further MacBooks for 2022 (as detailed in the news linked below). The next news (in particular the new MacBook Pro) will arrive only in 2023.