Will GTA 6 have a child among the main characters? Here’s what the latest rumors say

GTA 6 avrà un bambino tra i personaggi principali? Ecco cosa dicono gli ultimi rumor thumbnail

Rockstar has finally announced the trailer for GTA 6, which will be officially revealed in December, and speculation is already booming on the web. The rumors, to tell the truth, have been going around for years. Also because fans of the saga of Grand Theft Auto they have been waiting for the new game for 10 years (considering that GTA V was released in 2013).

Among the most interesting rumors of the last few days is the hypothesis of a child among the characters in the game.

A child among the protagonists of GTA 6?

According to some leaks leaked on Reddit (and reported by Dexerto.com) the son of Lucia, the female protagonist of GTA 6. It now seems certain, in fact, that the new game will have two protagonists, one male and one female. The story will instead be set in Vice City, which is based on the real city of Miami.

As reported by Rockstar Universe, a site specializing in Rockstar news, Lucia’s son will play an important role in the plot of the game. The child, whose name has not yet been revealed, should only appear in cut scenesso he won’t be a playable character.

The choice to include a child in GTA 6 is certainly bold (as well as unprecedented) for the series, which has always avoided showing minors, also due to the themes addressed in the game.

We remind you that it’s just a rumor, and that Rockstar has not confirmed or denied this rumor. Furthermore, it would be appropriate to prepare ourselves for numerous rumors, given that the wait for the release of GTA 6 will only fuel speculation and unofficial leaks.

That said We just have to wait for the trailer in Decemberwhich could also reveal the release of GTA 6 (which should take place in 2024).

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