Will Hogwarts Legacy be at the Game Awards? Here is the leak

Hogwarts Legacy sarà ai Game Awards? Ecco il leak thumbnail

We are getting closer and closer to The Game Awards and, among the many titles that are expected to be shown in this annual setting, there is also Hogwarts Legacy. The open world adventure set in the universe born from the pen of JK Rowling has been in radio silence for several months now, and the Game Awards could be the perfect time for some news, even according to insider Millie Amand.

Will Hogwarts Legacy show up at the Game Awards?

The insider, in one of his tweet a few hours ago, said chand the developers of Avalanche would have prepared new assets to show to the public, even if it is not clear when and in what modality, given that in the study itself there seems to be great confusion about it. And at the heart of this confusion is not the game as such, and JK Rowling.

According to what Millie Amand explained, Warner Bros’ concerns would not concern the material to be published, now ready to be disseminated. The problem of the Studios concerns instead the possibility of a backlash to Rowling, ended up at the center of a controversy with the transgender community. We recall in this regard that the author of Harry Potter is not involved in the project.

It is unclear how the advertising material can trace back to the writer, since the latter is not working in contact with any of the development studios. Furthermore, if Warner Bros considers it a risk to publish information about the game simply because it is linked to the world created by the author, it would mean never releasing a trailer for Hogwarts Legacy again.

It is therefore difficult to understand if the game will show itself at The Game Awards, even if the possibility is absolutely concrete, if we take the insider’s information as valid. We remind you that Hogwarts Legacy is expected in 2022 on PC, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4 and Xbox One.