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Will Tablets Outperform Laptop Sales? Google believes it too

Also Google believes in future of tablets, and with the next launch of Android 12L the CTO Rich Miner do you think i tablets may soon outstrip laptop sales. And Google is not the only one to have grasped this trend, indeed perhaps it is late. Microsoft with his Surface e Apple with the new tablets with the M1 chip they focus strongly on this market. AND Samsung, Huawei and many other companies want to try to give them a hard time. So is the future really of laptops instead of laptops?

Tablets will outstrip laptops, the tech world really believes in it

Google has put one of the fondatori on Android in the role of CTO of Android tablets. And the appointment of Rich Miner, as well as the development of Android 12L, did not come out of nowhere. After years of almost taking tablets for granted, leaving the manufacturers to do optimize the operating system for larger screensi, Google has decided to focus on the tablet format in a decisive way.

Miner, in his interview during The Android Show on YouTube, explained that Android has been looking to the tablet world since 2011, with media players adapting to larger screens. But then he admits that growth has stopped a bit. But Google (like so many other tech brands over the past couple of years) is recognizing the growth of the tablet market. And not only that, also that of accessories such as keyboards and stylusas well as software designed specifically for larger screens.

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Lots of power, at less price

Miner also points out something that so many families with children at home in Distance Learning they found during the lockdowns of the last two years: the tablets are “very efficient and less expensive than a laptop “. If what you need is to make video calls, take notes, and maybe stream or play some series, you really don’t need more.

Several companies have noticed this for some time. Microsoft launched the primo Surface when tablets were still only “big smartphones”. Instead, demonstrating that they could be tools to work, without too many compromises. AND Apple with iPad Pro he did the same, going so far as to bring the mighty chip M1 in both iPad Pro and the brand new iPad Air.

Apple iPad Air event announcements minCredit: Apple

Many other companies have followed this same philosophy. Samsung with Galaxy Tab S8 has redefined what an Android tablet can do. And all major manufacturers are investing in tablets: just to cite a recent example, Huawei with its new e-Ink tablet presented in Barcelona.

Can Android 12L Push Tablet Sales To Surpass Laptop Sales?

Perhaps also driven by the requests of some manufacturers (we know that Samsung will immediately adopt the new OS), Google has started it development of Android 12L. The version of Android that optimizes the graphical interface of the operating system to fit larger screens. Something great for foldable smartphones too, but who wants change the dynamics just for tablets.

Miner is now trying to convince app developers to design apps that fit better on larger screens. And it does it starting from the numbers. Sales figures for 2020 show how “tablet purchases have begun to move closer to laptop shipments… I believe in fact there it will be overtaking at some point in the not too distant future, where more tablets will be sold than laptops. I believe that once that point has been passed, there will be no turning back ”.

Compared to iPads and Surfaces, Android tablets have the large amount of manufacturers that build them on their side, aWidening the offer a lotto. With prices starting at under 100 euros and going up to over 1000, there are many price ranges to explore. With an operating system designed specifically for larger screens and dedicated apps, the user experience could improve and push sales.

A lot of workers will still have need desktop computers and laptops to carry out your work to the fullest. But tablets could carve out an even larger market and surpass them in sales. At least according to Google. And we suspect that, without saying it, even Microsoft and Apple think more or less the same way.

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