Windows 10: Floating menus may arrive soon

Windows 10 may soon receive a graphical update that would include the floating menu and a smoother design

Rumors have stated that Microsoft is working on a visual overhaul for Windows 10 that will be released around the month of October and November. The update is internally known as Sun Valley, or as “version 21H2“, And should introduce a“ radical Windows visual rejuvenation ”, including a new interface for the Start menu, significant improvements for Explorer, and more. One of the most notable changes appears to be the introduction of rounded corners, but it could also bring a new “floating” design.

How to try to activate the new menu

Rumors have suggested that Microsoft is working on a floating start menu, which will appear visually separate from the taskbar. So far, we’ve only seen Windows 10’s Sun Valley design in unofficial prototypes. Today, however, it is possible to get the first look at the actual code in the preview builds, which confirms that the rumors are well accurate. The functionality is currently hidden behind the experimental flag “JumpListRestyledAcycled“, Which can be enabled if you are debugging ShellExperienceHost.exe using Visual Studio and set “JumpListRestyledAcycled” to visible.

Windows 10: Floating menus may arrive soon

The same floating design will also come to the Action Center, Clock flyout, Volume flyout, and WiFi flyout. However, at the moment, the design is available just for the jumplist menu. Microsoft is still developing the mobile UI functionality and is currently partially working.

Windows 10: Floating menus may arrive soon

Floating menus are something we’ve already seen in preview builds of Windows 10X and other operating systems such as macOS. These revisions will be part of the Sun Valley update and the final version will not have borders. At the moment, there appears to be no option to disable the mobile interface in Windows 10. However, the default core component functionality will not be radically different from the current version and shouldn’t bother most users. For enthusiasts, Microsoft is believed to be working on bigger changes, including a new optional Start Menu.

Hypothetical release date

Microsoft is expected to organize a ‘What’s new for Windows’ event in May. This special event could also be a session of the big Build 2021 conference, which kicks off in the last week of May. Previous reports have suggested that the Windows 10 Sun Valley update will be finalized in May and will begin rolling out to consumers in October or November. Before the launch of Sun Valley, Windows 10 should receive the update to version 21H1 “Spring 2021”With qualitative improvements.

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