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Windows 11 for Apple Silicon is supported by Microsoft

Windows 11 for Apple Silicon is now officially supported by Microsoft which has published a page dedicated to using the operating system with Apple’s M1 and M2 processors. The arrival of official support will simplify things for all users interested in using Windows (in the ARM version) even on Macs with Apple Silicon chips. Here are the details:

Official support from Microsoft arrives: Windows 11 can be used on Apple Silicon

As clarified by an official support document, users now have several options for use Windows 11 on Mac with Apple Silicono. According to what we read in this document: “Parallels Desktop 18 p an authorized solution to use Windows 11 Pro and Windows 11 Enterprise in the Arm version on computers with Apple M1 and M2 chips”.

It’s about a virtualized version and not a more complete solution as was the case with Macs with Intel processors. This system also has various limitations but in any case represents a first step towards greater future support from Microsoft for the use of Windows on computers with Apple Silicon processors.

We’ll see what Microsoft’s next moves will be but it is clear that support for Apple Silicon processors will only increase in the future when it could be much easier to use Windows with Apple computers.

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