Windows 11, the news arriving in 2023

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Il 2023 will see different new for windows 11, Microsoft’s operating system which is constantly updated. Indeed the Moments strategy expects continuous small changes to the operating system throughout the year, instead of one big update. So the change will come more evenlybut that doesn’t mean it won’t matter.

What’s new coming in 2023 for Windows 11

With the Windows 11 22H2 update, Microsoft engineers decided to launch “Moments,” aiming to deliver “continuous innovation” instead of just one big annual update every fall. We will then see updates to February/March, then May/June and finally September/October.

Instead, Microsoft wants to roll out a series of updates every few months, like the new tabs for File Explorer seen in October. But in the next year there will be other novelties that will make Windows 11 more useful and easier to use.

Among these will be the Taskbar for the tablet mode, updates for the notification center and other options for the bottom bar on the Windows screen.

In addition, Microsoft engineers will introduce innovations such as energy recommendations in the Settings. But also the search function in Task Managerthe full screen widget panel, the Studio Effects in quick settings and improvements for i voice commands.

Many of these changes demonstrate that Microsoft is changing the Windows 11 GUI, with the aim of making it easier to work with devices. But in 2023, new updates will also arrive towards the summer, with the possibility of seeing new versions of apps such as Email, Calendar and with a new interface of Outlook for the web. But also many improvements for laptops with foldable screens.

It will come later the 23H2 update (or the fourth Moment) in October, which will usher in more updates significant for Windows, but most likely “in engine” and less visible than the interface changes. With the possibility of some big news that, at the moment, Microsoft is keeping secret.

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