Windows 12 and ChatGPT: Is Microsoft’s Next Big Update Coming?

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Lots of news from home Microsoft: will probably release a new update Windows 12 which includes the artificial intelligence service of OpenAI, the famous ChatGPT. Here’s what it’s all about in detail.

Microsoft news with Windows 12 and ChatGPT

For the past month or so, OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in the spotlight of the biggest tech companies in the world. Famous for responding in a natural and creative way to anything a user can ask him, ChatGPT has obviously won over Microsoft as well. In fact, the latter is investing billions of dollars in the implementation of ChatGPT in the new Windows 12 update.

According to some sources, while Windows 11 is one of the most used systems in the world, it seems that Microsoft is working hard on the realization of the new Windows 12 operating system.

At the heart of this new operating system lies precisely the artificial intelligence implementation of OpenAI. But Microsoft is in a hurry to be the first to activate it, so they will probably introduce it already in the already active operating system, Windows 11.

What does this change include? Surely smarter camera and microphones, it will be able to correct brightness, filter background noise and increase voice clarity.

Windows 12 already announced at CES 2023

To those most attentive to the sector, the fact that the new Microsoft operating system, Windows 12, has certainly not gone unnoticed has already been announced at the most important technological event in the world: the CES 2023.

Il Chief Product Officer di Microsoft, Panos Panay, talked a lot about the future of Windows and its future related to artificial intelligence. It will be the latter that will make Windows a better operating system, thanks also to enhanced voice and video capabilities.

Also, the chip company AMD is working on a new range of CPU with AI technology which is definitely worrying Microsoft. AMD, however, does not plan to ship PCs with a separate CPU-related AI engine. Instead, the latter will have the necessary integration of artificial intelligence.

In fact, AMD’s AI-based CPUs could lend a hand to Microsoft to deliver the new AI features and keep the performance very high.

Microsoft’s release cycle will be every 3 years

Microsoft said it was making significant internal changes related to roadmap of Windows, and the update will be released every 3 years. In fact, Windows 11 was released in 2021, so the next update should happen in 2024 and will be called Windows 12. At the moment, however, there is no news about the release of what has just been stated.