Witch and Pig review: wacky jokes and power pigs

Witch and Pig review: wacky jokes and power pigs

Did an ugly and evil witch throw a mischief at you? To protect yourself, just have a pig and read the Witch and Pig review

Witch and Pig is a nice party game from Little Rocket Games in which “ugly, dirty and nasty” Witches attack you, throwing you at the strangest feats of their repertoire. Your aim is to protect yourself with counter-spells or by sacrificing your Pig of Power in order to stay in play until the end.

Materials | Witch and Pig review

Inside the box we find:

  • 40 Iettatrice Card
  • 18 Action Cards
  • 6 Pigs of Power

Witch and Pig review: wacky jokes and power pigs

Setup | Recensione Witch e Pig

First, shuffle all the cards together, both Jester and Action, creating a single deck and then deal 6 cards each which is the maximum number a player can hold in their hand. The remaining cards are placed face down in the center of the table and form the draw pile. Each player must also be given a Pig of Power. Now everything is ready, you just have to choose who will be the first player.

How to play | Witch and Pig review

During your turn you can do two actions: the optional one to play a card, Iettatrice or Action, and the obligatory one to draw a card. It is important to remember that once you have drawn a card it is no longer possible to play one, because this action marks the end of your turn. Then the game passes to the player on your left, except when one has been played Joker card and in this case the turn passes to the player who was thrown the hiatus, the game then proceeds clockwise. You can hold a maximum of 6 cards in your hand (you can’t keep more and you can’t be without it) and if you want to draw another card you are forced to play one first. At some point in the game it may happen that the draw deck runs out, you can reform it by shuffling the cards from the discard pile.


When you suffer a misfortune, you must perform the effect written on the card. If you don’t, you must take a penalty, ie you must discard one of your cards.

How is it lost?

If you have sacrificed your Pig of Power and do not have enough cards to counter a capture or respond to an Action Card, you are out of the game! If, on the other hand, you manage to respond to a capture or an Action Card, but run out of cards in your hand, well… you are out of the game again!

Who win?

The only surviving player who remains in the game until the end wins, whether he still has the Pig of Power or not.

Let’s explore the game components | Witch and Pig review

Iettatrici Card

These cards are of 7 different categories, but they are all structured in the same way: in the upper left there is the value of the card, in the upper right there is the name of the action and in the lower center there is the description of the card. iattura. The cards can have 3 types of values ​​and are divided as follows: 4 categories of value 1, 2 categories of value 2 and 1 category of value 3. What does the value of the cards refer to? This refers to the value of the attack and the value of the cards that the player affected by the act must discard.

When you throw a mischief you must say its name aloud and the player who suffers it must discard a number of cards equal to or greater than the value of the card thrown. Then either you suffer the effect of the hiatus or you counter it with an Action Card or the Pig of Power. If the opponent responds, the thrower can draw a card and his turn ends. If, on the other hand, the opponent cannot defend himself in any way, then he leaves the game and the turn passes to the player to the left of the one who launched the act. There is a special case in which you can double the misfortune, if you have two cards with SIAMESE WITCHES in your hand you can play them together adding their value and obtaining a misfortune of value 4.

Action cards

There are 6 types of action cards:

  • the magic dandruff: serves to reflect the misfortune on whoever threw it at you and he must suffer the effect of the misfortune or he can sacrifice the Pig of Power to cancel the effect
  • garlic, oil and hot pepper: by playing this card you dodge the misfortune that will have no effect on you
  • rotten chicory: with this card you defend yourself from the misfortune and you cast it against all your opponents who will have to suffer the effect, unless they sacrifice their Pig of Power
  • Crow’s feet: you are not affected by the misfortune and all opponents must discard one of the cards from their hand and no one can use their Pig of Power
  • the stick of omniscience: this card can be used during your turn and allows you to look at the top 5 cards of the draw deck and take one of your choice, while the others must be replaced in their place
  • the king jinx: you can play during your turn and gives you the opportunity to choose an opponent from whom to get a card of your choice and which you will insert into your hand

The Pig of Power

This nice friend represents your source of energy and is the sacrificial victim that you can use when a misfortune is thrown at you, but you have to think carefully about when is the right time to use it because you only have one.

Witch and Pig review: wacky jokes and power pigs


First point in favor of this game: if you combine two copies the fun doubles and you can play up to 12 players. Witch and Pig is a great party game with simple mechanics and flawless components, the cards are resistant and have designs and lettering in relief and the Pig of Power tokens are really cute. This game blends luck and strategy to perfection. A small point against it are the names of the cards and the descriptions because I would have preferred something more nice and fun, but this is obviously a personal opinion.

Technical details

  • Name: Witch e Pig
  • Author: Giampaolo Razzino
  • Publishing house: Little Rocket Games
  • Players: 3 – 6
  • Age: 8+
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: 14,90 €

Points in favor

  • Great party game
  • Flawless components
  • By combining two boxes, double the fun
  • Well balanced strategy and luck

Points against

  • Little funny card descriptions and names
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