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With Alexa and Fire TV, Valentine’s Day becomes incredibly romantic

Amazon Alexa is ready for Saint Valentine, determined to wish a lot of love to all registered users. As? With original and romantic noveltiesbut also with a touch of irony!

Valentine’s Day becomes more romantic thanks to Amazon Alexa and Fire TV

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Alexa plans to celebrate February 14 with some hilarious quizzes. To participate you just have to ask her “Alexa, do you want to be my Valentine?”. The voice assistant, before answering you, will submit you some questions about his personality, musical tastes and preferences on sports and cinema.

So, if you know Alexa well enough, answering will be a breeze for you. If not, don’t worry, Amazon’s voice assistant it will still help you find the perfect gift. Just say “Alexa, recommend a gift for Valentine’s Day“. Convenient, right?

Alexa is also ready to lend a hand with dedications capable of making the hardest hearts melt. With “Alexa, discard a Kiss“, the virtual assistant will spread some of the most beautiful quotes that have made the history of Perugina chocolate kisses.

As for music, Alexa is ready to help create the right atmosphere for Valentine’s Day with a song written and performed by her. If you’re curious, just tell her “Alexa, sing a song for Valentine’s Day”.

But Amazon Alexa loves not only love, but also joke! With “Alexa, dedicate me a phrase of love” the assistant will give you funny and witty answers.

Among other features we mention Alexa, unwrap my Valentine’s gift o Alexa, tell me a story for Valentine’s Day to listen to themed jokes and all the stories and legends related to Valentine’s Day.

Finally with “Alexa, does he love me or does he not love me?” Alexa will tear off imaginary daisy petals for you, decreeing the final response.

Fire TV

If you intend to spend a Valentine’s Day curled up on the sofa with your other half, then it’s ideal Fire TV Stick 4K MaxAmazon’s best stick for streaming.

Thanks to Fire TV you can connect to Prime Video and watch together with those you love so many titles to dream, laugh and be moved. Some examples? An explosive marriage with Jennifer Lopez and A great desire to live with Fabio Volo and Vittoria Puccini or, for TV series lovers, Prima, This is Us and Modern Love.

Plenty of space also for the films that have made history, with Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Pride and Prejudice and cult films of the caliber of Dirty Dancing and Notting Hill.

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