Con iOS 18, Apple ripensa le app Note, Posta, Foto e Fitness thumbnail

With iOS 18, Apple is rethinking the Notes, Mail, Photos and Fitness apps

During this year's WWDC, the Apple team will announce various software innovations from Cupertino, with many new features regarding iPhone and iPad. iOS 18 will bring significant updates to many of the Apple's built-in appsamong which Note, Post, Photo e Fitness. Plus, it looks like an app might finally be coming Calculator per iPadOS 18.

iOS 18, Apple rethinks the integrated apps: Notes, Mail, Photos and Fitness

As often happens, the indiscretion comes from Mark Gurman, the Bloomberg analyst who is an expert on Apple. Gurman has not provided specific details on the new features planned for these apps, but underlined that it will be a real “revision“.

Previously, there was talk of support for viewing more equations mathematics and a built-in option to record voice memos in the Notes app. But this is the first time we've heard rumors of planned app updates Mail, Photos and Fitness.

Apple environmental sustainability Environmental Progress ReportApple environmental sustainability Environmental Progress Report

In addition to the new features for integrated apps, iOS 18 should introduce a series of other features, already revealed in recent months. Like one Be smarter thanks to generative artificial intelligence. And then one More customizable Home screen, with the ability to place app icons anywhere on the grid. It's still: Improved text messaging with Android users thanks to the support of the RCS standard, Calculator revamp, custom routes, and topographic maps in Apple Maps, Navigation assistant in Safari based on AI.

Furthermore, one should arrive too Hearing aid mode for AirPods Pro, Next generation CarPlay e freeform scenes in the Freeform app.

Apple is expected to officially announce iOS 18 during the keynote on WWDC on June 10th, with a release scheduled for September on iPhones (along with the release of the iPhone 16). Therefore, further information on the update may be released in the coming weeks: we will keep you informed.

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