With PartyRock you can create generative AI-powered apps

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PartyRockthe new development playground of AWS designed for creating apps based on generative AI, it makes learning prompt engineering accessible to everyone in an intuitive and fun way.

PartyRock, what is possible with the new AWS development playground

An integral part of Amazon Bedrock Playground, PartyRock gives developers the ability to quickly create mini-apps, experiment with advanced language models, and share their creations in an intuitive and engaging way.

With PartyRock you can develop applications such as a joke generator, culinary recipes based on ingredients available at home or an automatic story teller for fantasy role-playing sessions.

How PartyRock by AWS works

PartyRock It doesn’t require writing any code or creating an AWS account. Users can experiment with prompts of their own creation or start with pre-built templates, getting results in seconds. You can start with an already shared app and further customize it through the remix feature.

For a limited time, AWS is offering new PartyRock users a free trial without requiring a credit card or signing up for an AWS account. Credit consumption is trackable backstage, based on input tokens, output tokens and generated images. AWS is dedicated to constantly improving the PartyRock experience, with future developments including the introduction of new widgets and features.

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Amazon Web Services lancia l’AWS European Defense Accelerator

Amazon Web Services has announced its accelerator that aims to support startups from around the world who want collaborate with defense and national security organizations in Europe. The accelerator’s goal is to provide startups advanced AWS Cloud technologies to develop mission-critical solutions for defense customers.

The AWS European Defense Accelerator program lasts four weeks and consists of a mix of technical, commercial and mentoring activities. The selected startups will receive AWS compute credits, specialized AWS training, and consulting by defense and national security experts. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to work closely with industry leaders who can provide them with personalized mentorship.

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