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With this Chinese device it is possible to kiss from a distance

Whether you are a couple who live a long-distance relationship, or Rosa Chemical and Fedez on the Sanremo 2023 stage, the possibility of showing affection from today knows no space limits. It actually comes from China a tech device that allows you to kiss from a distanceusing numerous sensors to faithfully reproduce the movements of the lips of the partner on the other side of the world.

The device costs around €40 and is already on sale on TaoBao, a popular Chinese eCommerce. But how exactly does it work? And how is it perceived by consumers?

How the remote kissing device works

The lips with which the device is equipped are made of silicone and are dotted with micro-sensors. These manage to detect not only the movements of the user’s real lips, but also pressure, temperature and even sounds. Everything is transmitted to the relative app which, if synchronized with that of another user, sends these “sensations” to the other device. In this way two users can kiss from a distance, sensing each other’s kiss in a realistic way. THEThe device also includes a smartphone holder, so that the two can video call and “look into each other’s eyes” during the kiss. In the following promotional video you can see how the device works.

The device in question does not include the language (after all, it is not a French product). For now, user comments are decidedly mixed. In China there are those who consider it a “vulgar and disturbing” tool, and those who instead consider it “interesting”.

It must be said that this is not the first device that allows you to kiss from a distance. Already in 2016, in Malaysia, it was presented Kissingerwhose lip support was however more essential, without a real mouth-shaped design.

The kiss database: try different ones to choose the one we like

In addition to the pairs feature, which allows you to pair two devices, the device app also provides the ability to kiss strangers. A sort of “physical” form of Tinder, all based on long-distance kissing. Users can save their kiss and upload it to an online database. In the same way, they can “try” the kiss of other users by accessing the same database. By doing so, it is possible to choose to know the person kissing.

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